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Taking the Bus: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become familiar with using public transit.

1. The departure

Get to the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. The time the next two buses will pass by the stop is available through INFOBUS, the telephone information service.

At the stop when the bus arrives

Image illsutrant une personne signalant son intention de monter à bord et illustrant la girouette de l'autobus

Make sure that the bus is displaying the bus route number and direction to your destination.

As the bus approaches, raise your hand to notify the driver of your intention to board.

2. The trip

Getting on the bus

  1. Watch your step and use the rail for support if necessary.
  2. Pay your fare with:
Image illustrant une personne payant son passage avec de l'argent comptant, un billet d'autobus et une carte à puce

A Multi pass: Hold your Multi pass in front of the reader to get the green light. Then show the driver the photo side of the Multi pass.

Bus tickets: Drop your bus ticket in the fare box at the front of the bus near the driver.

Cash: Drop the exact fare in the fare box at the front of the bus near the driver.

Paying your fare with cash or a bus ticket entitles you to a transfer. The transfer is valid for another trip within the validity period shown. Simply request one from the driver when you board the bus. 

         3. Go to the back of the bus.

On the bus

Pictogramme pour indiquer de céder la place aux personnes à mobilité réduite

If you are a rider with reduced mobility, pregnant, or a person with a non-visible disability, the courtesy seats are reserved for you.

If you must stand, hold the handrail, straps or grab bars located along the aisle of the bus.

Sit or stand so that you can clearly see outside to identify the stop at your destination.

The Rider Etiquette page lists a few good habits to follow on the bus.

Announcement of accessible stops in the bus

Every STO bus announces upcoming accessible stops on speakers and on digital boards so you can prepare to disembark comfortably.

3. The arrival

Getting off the bus

At an appropriate distance from the stop, you have three ways of letting the driver know you wish to get off.

Image illustrant les 3 façons d'indiquer son intention de descendre de l'autobus
  • Press the red button found on some of the grab bars in the aisle of the bus.
  • In certain buses, pull the yellow cord above the windows along the side of the bus.

At the destination

Image illustrant le débarquement de l'autobus: ne jamais traverser devant l'autobus, utiliser la porte arrière.

When you are ready to get off, use the back door of the bus.

For everyone's safety, never cross in front of a bus. 

You are now ready to get on board!


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