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Corporate Involvement in Special Events

The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) can provide you with the needed support for planning transportation for your event. Our expertise enables us to propose the appropriate service required for your activities, taking into account access to the sites served and the number of participants.

Our role in providing transportation for events translates into an active contribution to more successful events and greater economic benefits for the region. In fact, the use of buses allows more than 85,000 festival-goers to avoid the hassles and worries of having to deal with traffic congestion and looking for parking around the activity sites.
The collaboration and involvement of event organizers in planning transportation for events are key to their success.
Whether your event is served by a free or fare-based shuttle service, or by the regular system with free rides or regular fares, collaborating with us to plan your transportation allows us to optimize the visibility of your event. Self-financing operating costs for all services is vital for any new partnership agreement. In exchange, we offer a full visibility plan to advertise the services and contribute to the success of your event.

Regular service

To establish an agreement using the regular bus service, the event must:

  • Be near a regular, main STO bus route;
  • Be lacking parking space around the site.

Shuttle service

To establish an agreement about setting up a shuttle service, the event must:

  • Have a large number of spectators;
  • Be lacking parking space around the site;
  • Potentially hinder our regular bus system operations (nuisance to traffic);
  • Ensure the safety of spectators around the site by having a shuttle service;
  • Allow for 2 to 6 months to enable us to develop the shuttle service agreement.

Submit your request

If your event meets the above criteria, submit your request:

By e-mail


By telephone

819 770-7900 ext. 6925

Once we receive the request, allow 15 business days for it to be reviewed. You will then receive a response (in French).


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