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Reserved Seats – People with Reduced Mobility (Courtesy Seats)

Autocollant indiquant un banc réservé

If you use a wheelchair, visit the Accessible Service – People in Wheelchairs or with Reduced Mobility page on this site.

If your mobility is reduced, you can sit at the front of our buses on one of the courtesy seats identified by a pictogram like the one to the left. These seats are reserved for persons with disabilities, seniors, pregnant women and anybody with reduced mobility who does not use a wheelchair. People with normal mobility who are in these seats must give you their seat.

If your mobility impairment is not visible, it is easy for you to sit in a reserved seat by showing our courtesy privilege card to the non-impaired occupant of the seat.

For more information about the card and to get one, call Customer Relations at 819 770-3242. If your impairment is deafness, or you have a hearing or speech impairment, contact the Bell Relay Service by calling 1 800 855-0511.


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