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Rider Etiquette


You can talk on a cell phone or listen to music...

Un usager, à bord de l'autobus, écoute de la musique à un volume raisonnable.

but keep the volume at a level that is acceptable to the people around you.



You can travel with bags
or a suitcase...

but keep them close to you
to keep the aisle clear.


Carry bags... 

in your hand to respect the space of other riders. 

Personal Hygiene

Wear perfume...

with moderation!


You can sit where you want in the bus...

but go as far to the back as you can to free up the front of the bus.


You can bring food on the bus...

but keep the containers closed and the food put away.


You can make yourself comfortable...

but keep your feet on the floor in order to share the space and keep the equipment in good condition.

Respiratory Hygiene

We must all sneeze or cough occasionally...

but cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your arm.


Take your turn
when boarding the bus...

by getting in line in the order that you arrive to avoid any incidents.


You can sit where you want
in the bus...

but give your seat to people with reduced mobility, such as pregnant women, seniors and people with disabilities.

This advice is from By-law 100 concerning the conduct of persons on STO buses, and passes.


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