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Travelling together involves....


Travelling together involves being Respectful.

No form of violence will be tolerated, whether verbal or physical, towards the driver or others.


Travelling together involves lowering the Volume.

Try not to disturb others when listening to your music, chatting on the phone or with your neighbour.

Travelling together involves offering your Seat.

Expectant mothers, children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility may need to sit down ou may need your seat.

Travelling together involves respecting Smoke-Free Areas.

Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside bus shelters. If you must indulge, be sure to stay as far away as possible from the waiting areas.


Travelling together involves Being Ready to Board.

Have your pass or fare in hand, make sure the driver can see you, and signal your intention to board.


Travelling together involves keeping it Clean.

Keep your feet off the benches and your trash off the ground, whether on the bus or in the waiting areas.

Travelling together involves Going Easy on Fragrances.

Limit the use of scented products, they can be bothersome to some or create allergic reactions.

Travelling together involves Moving towards the Back.

This will enableother passengers to board.

Travelling together involves Waiting your Turn.

Line up, let people off the bus and wait your turn before boarding.

Travelling together involves Making Room.

Keep your bags near you and avoid cluttering-up the aisle or other seats.

This advice is from By-law 100 concerning the conduct of persons on STO buses, and passes.


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