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Travelling as a Family

Families are welcome aboard!

Sometimes taking the bus with young children can be a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your trips easier and more pleasant.
Before leaving, don't forget to plan your trip with the help of Plani-bus (or by calling 819 770-3242).

The ideal stroller … is a practical stroller!

Choosing the right stroller is important if you plan on taking it on the bus. When buying a stroller, make sure it has the following features:

  • Ideal width under 55 cm: makes it easier to manoeuvre on the bus;
  • Lightweight and easy to fold: makes it easier to handle as needed;
  • With foot-operated brakes: so that you have full control of your stroller once you are on the bus;
  • With a basket under the seat: the basket is very practical for holding any bulky items.

Examples of preferred strollers when taking the bus – single or double strollers with a tandem configuration with or without a car seat are easier to handle.

Examples of strollers to avoid when taking the bus – double strollers with a side-by-side configuration and jogging strollers are bulky and difficult to handle in a bus.

   If you are travelling with this type of stroller during a very busy period:

The stroller must be folded before the bus arrives.  

The stroller must remain folded and stowed such that it does not block the centre aisle on the bus.

Priority space

Most buses have a reserved space available for riders travelling with a stroller. Look for the sticker identifying the spot. Strollers have priority in the reserved space and any rider seated there must give up the seat. If the space is already occupied by another stroller, the second stroller must be placed elsewhere such that it does not hinder other riders.

On some buses, the reserved space is for strollers as well as wheelchairs. In this case, wheelchair users have priority.

If a wheelchair user boards a bus that already has a stroller, the rider travelling with the stroller must give up the space to the wheelchair user. The stroller must be placed elsewhere such that it does not hinder other riders.

Some tips for travelling safely

To travel safely:


  • A stroller can stay open on the bus with the child securely fastened in it. The rider with the stroller must be able to keep full control of the stroller. Apply the brakes and hold the stroller properly for maximum safety.
  • The driver must concentrate on driving the bus, so you must be able to lift the stroller onto the bus and keep control of it.
  • A stroller should never hinder other riders. If the only space available on the bus is the centre aisle or in front of a door and it hinders the movement of riders, you must fold the stroller or wait for the next bus.
  • Note that if a bus is completely full, the rider with a stroller must wait for the next bus and will keep the priority boarding at the stop.
  • When there is more than one stroller on the bus, the priority in the reserved spaces is the order in which the strollers boarded the bus.

Tips and tricks … to ensure the best outings!

  • Note that it is easier to travel in off-peak hours or quieter periods (between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.) when it is simpler to get on and off the bus and find a seat inside.
  • Look for trips with low-floor buses. Most buses have a kneeling system to reduce the space between the sidewalk and the bus, making it easier for people with reduced mobility to get on and off the bus. Buses with this kneeling system are identified by the “Abaissable sur demande” (kneeling available on request) sticker near the front door where passengers get on.
  • Consider other options instead of a stroller:

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By-law 100:

Family fare: Up to four children aged 11 and under can travel for free throughout the STO system.

Child fares: Children aged 5 and under travel for free on Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) buses when they are accompanied by an adult.

Duo auto+bus: By joining the STO's FIDÉLITÉ Program, you save 10% on the regular price of bus passes, and you can also access the fleet of cars provided by Communauto at a special rate.


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