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Sharing the Road When Riding Your Bike

Use bicycle paths or lanes whenever possible. Cyclists who choose to ride on the roads and in reserved lanes must ride on the far right side of the lane.

Go around obstacles carefully

There are sometimes obstacles in the road that you would like to avoid (potholes, objects, etc.). Before going around them or changing lanes, make sure there are no vehicles close to you.

Signal your intentions clearly

Before making any turns, slowing down or stopping, it is very important to signal your intentions clearly with specific signs.



Right turn

Left turn

Buses stop frequently

When you are following a bus, be patient, stay behind the bus and keep a safe distance away. If you are on the right side (by the sidewalk), you could obstruct passengers getting on and off the bus. If you are moving, you could even hit a passenger and hurt yourself.

You can always try to carefully pass a stopped bus. However, once the driver activates the left turn signal, you must wait behind the bus.

Always be visible

Front and rear reflectors on the wheel spokes are mandatory. In addition, when it’s dark, you must have a white light in front and a red light in the rear.

At a red light

If you are in front of a bus at a red light, position yourself to be visible for the driver, pull over to the right and let the bus go first. This way the driver avoids having to pass you.

Ride in a straight line

Every lane change involves a risk. So ride in a straight line, rather than zigzagging between lanes, especially if vehicles are parked on the sides.

Rapibus Corridor

The Rapibus corridor is exclusively reserved for buses only

We would like to remind you that the Rapibus corridor is bus-only roadway, all other use is prohibited. When you don't obey the signs, Gatineau police can issue a $100 fine plus administrative fees. The purpose is to reinforce the safety of you and our team by enforcing the by-laws and highway safety code.

We remind you:

  • use the sidewalks, the bicycle path along the corridor, or the streets going to your station. Never walk in the corridor.
  • use the pedestrian crossings to cross the corridor. If there is a pedestrian light, wait for the signal and check that you can cross safely.
  • at intersections, obey the traffic lights and check that you can cross safely.
  • at De la Cité station, use the pedestrian walkway to cross the Rapibus lanes safely away from the buses.

Consult the page Rapibus Corridor Intersections.

Bicycle Path and Bicycle Racks

Check the Bicycle Paths and Bicycle Racks page to find out more about the bicycle path along the Rapibus corridor, the location of bicycle racks, and the features and security measures for cyclists.

Combine Your Modes of Transportation

Taking the bus means getting the better of traffic congestion thanks to the Rapibus corridor and reserved lanes, saving on commuting costs, travelling without hassle and, last but not least, helping the environment!

To help you to “combine modes”, we are suggesting a few options. And why not mix things up depending on your schedule or the weather conditions for the day?

Check the Combine Your Modes of Transportation page for more details.


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