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Sharing the Road with All Other Modes of Transportation


Whenever there is no sidewalk available, walk on the shoulder or side of the road facing traffic.

Never cross in front of a city bus when riders are getting on and off. Unlike school buses, city buses do not have blinking lights to stop other traffic.

In-line skates, skateboards or scooters

As stated in the Quebec Highway Safety Code, it is prohibited to use this equipment on roadways.

Motorized scooter

You must comply with the Quebec Highway Safety Code. Do not pass between two lines of vehicles.

Wheelchair (all types)

The STO advises people in wheelchairs to use the bicycle paths or sidewalks. When crossing a street, follow the rules for pedestrians.

Rapibus Corridor

The Rapibus corridor is exclusively reserved for buses only

We would like to remind you that the Rapibus corridor is bus-only roadway, all other use is prohibited. When you don't obey the signs, Gatineau police can issue a $100 fine plus administrative fees. The purpose is to reinforce the safety of you and our team by enforcing the by-laws and highway safety code.

We remind you:

  • use the sidewalks, the bicycle path along the corridor, or the streets going to your station. Never walk in the corridor.
  • use the pedestrian crossings to cross the corridor. If there is a pedestrian light, wait for the signal and check that you can cross safely.
  • at intersections, obey the traffic lights and check that you can cross safely.
  • at De la Cité station, use the pedestrian walkway to cross the Rapibus lanes safely away from the buses.

Consult the page Rapibus Corridor Intersections.


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