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Structuring Link in the West


Introduce a structuring public transit system that will meet the short-, medium- and long-term transportation needs of residents in Gatineau's west end, improve the quality of life of citizens, contribute to economic and social development, and promote sustainable mobility within the context of the greater Gatineau-Ottawa metropolitan area.


In general, the study aims to:

  • Analyse the needs;
  • Bring to light current and future problems;
  • Establish the need to invest in a structuring system;
  • Identify the recommended corridors and transit system that will best meet the mobility needs of residents in Gatineau's west end in the short term and for the next 30 years.

The recommended solution should:

  • Provide a reliable, efficient public transit service that offers a competitive option to driving alone;
  • Ensure efficient service in the downtown areas of Gatineau and Ottawa, the metropolitan area and its main trip generators;
  • Align with the Rapibus and major public transit routes in Ottawa;
  • Contribute to the city's development based on the vision of the revised land use and development plan;
  • Contribute to the region's economic and social development from a metropolitan perspective.

Carried out in collaboration with the City of Gatineau, MTQ, NCC and City of Ottawa, the study is the first stage in the project.

Area under study

The area under study comprises Gatineau's west end, downtown Gatineau, downtown Ottawa, the light rail stations and their surrounding areas as well as suitable routes for linking Gatineau and Ottawa.


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