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Taking the Bus - People with Reduced Mobility

Logo personne à mobilité réduite

All our buses* have a low floor, and are equipped with a kneeling system to reduce the space between the sidewalk and the bus, making it easier for people with reduced mobility to get on and off the bus.

Look for the the “Abaissable sur demande” (kneeling available on request) sticker near the front door where passengers get on.

* 98 % of buses, December 2019.

Get a personalized itinerary with accessible service

Using Plani-Bus, the trip planner available at, it is easy to get an itinerary adapted to your needs. Simply check the “ Accessible ” box in the Travel Options section when requesting an itinerary.

Paratransit service

Paratransit service is also available for people with disabilities. An admission process is however required.


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