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Ontario residents

If you are an Ontario resident you can use certain OC Transpo passes on the STO system under the following conditions:

OC Transpo fare payments accepted by the STO

  • OC Transpo monthly pass (PRESTO card)
  • OC Transpo transfer
  • OC Transpo U-PASS
  • OC Transpo DayPass
  • O-Train tickets
  • OC Transpo Attendant Card. The attendant can travel for free on the STO's system.

PRESTO Cards users

How to use your PRESTO on an STO bus 

When you pay your fare with a pass or as you go with the PRESTO card, you must:

1.Tap your PRESTO on the reader.

  • Wait for the green light showing that your card has been validated.

2.Show the back of your PRESTO card to the driver.

3.If you get a red light:

Fare payment is required

You must pay your fare using another payment method. In this case, ask the driver for a transfer (your proof of payment in case an inspector asks to see it). If you think the red light could be due to a technical problem, please go to one of our service points.

If you are paying as you go with your PRESTO card (e-wallet), it is not possible to start your trip on an STO bus. However, you can use the PRESTO to transfer to an STO bus from an OC Transpo bus during the validity period of the transfer.

OC Transpo fare payments not accepted by the STO

  • OC Transpo bus ticket
  • Sharing a Presto card (multiple users boarding at the same time)
  • Monthly and Weekly Transit pass with QR code (only distributed to emergency shelters clients)
  • OC Transpo Family DayPass
  • OC Transpo visitor card
  • CNIB card and Ontario Cuide Dog Access card for people with a visual impairment. These riders must pay the applicable STO fare.


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