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1. Why make the changes now?

The system in Aylmer was last restructured in 2007. Since then, many additions and changes have been made to accommodate the numerous residential developments in this sector.

This year, the STO wanted to conduct a more detailed review of the system in order to better meet local needs and improve the quality of service.

This review is also part of actions being taken in anticipation of several issues that will have an impact on the system in the future:

  • Hippodrome Park-and-Ride: This park-and-ride was always intended to be temporary. The STO is only a tenant of the land and property development here is imminent. The park-and-ride is therefore slated to be closed. Expansion of the Rivermead Park-and-Ride is an option being considered but would not compensate for the number of parking spaces lost. Consequently, the STO would like to encourage riders to take the bus closer to home by improving service, as well as upgrading the service at all the park-and-ride facilities in the area (Allumettières, Galeries Aylmer) so as to optimize the use of existing infrastructures.

  • Study of the western part of Gatineau: Implementation of changes to the public transit system subsequent to the results of the study of the western part of Gatineau will start only in the medium or long term, and the Aylmer sector needed adjustments in the short term. The improvements will be part of an intermediate system and will at no time influence the findings of the study.

2. What main changes are proposed for the peak routes?

Routes 40, 41, 44, 45, 46 and 47 will not stop at the Rivermead Park-and-Ride. In the afternoon, this will facilitate boarding for riders heading to local neighbourhoods, in particular in the Hull sector, and will save 3 to 4 minutes.

In addition, a change is proposed for route 40: from Klock it will turn right directly onto Wilfrid-Lavigne rather than taking Maurice-Duplessis.

3. How will service quality be improved in local neighbourhoods?

During peak periods, routes 40, 41, 44, 45, 46 and 47 will not stop at the Rivermead Park-and-Ride. In the afternoon, this will reduce travel times and facilitate boarding for riders heading to local neighbourhoods, in particular in the Hull sector.

The number of trips offered on these routes will not be increased, however more capacity will be available as Park-and-Ride users will not be taking these routes anymore.

Riders will still be able to transfer to routes 49, 50, 58 and 800, either at the stop located across from Galeries Aylmer (from routes 40, 41, 44 and 46), or at the Hippodrome Park-and-Ride (from routes 45 and 47). These four routes will indeed depart from Galeries Aylmer.

In addition, during off-peak periods, neighbourhoods will be more easily accessible. With the extension of route 59 and the creation of route 55, 30 % of homes will have direct service running every 15 or 30 minutes. For the others, it will be easy to get home by transferring to the new local route (see question 14 for more details).

4. What changes are proposed for service to the Rivermead Park-and-Ride and route 59?

Heading to the downtown areas, the Rivermead Park-and-Ride will be served by route 59 only, which will be extended to the Allumettières Park-and-Ride with a frequency to be increased and adjusted based on demand. At the busiest part of the peak period, it will run every 6 minutes.

In off-peak periods, route 59 will run every 30 minutes between the Allumettières Park-and-Ride and Ottawa, alternating with route 55, thereby offering a combined frequency of 15 minutes from/to Galeries Aylmer.

The Rivermead Park-and-Ride will also be served by route 58 heading to Tunney's Pasture, routes 49 and 50 heading to Cégep Gabrielle-Roy, and route 800 heading to the Gatineau sector.

See the route 59 map (PDF)

5. What is happening with the Hippodrome Park-and-Ride?

Construction of the Connaught residential project will continue soon on the Hippodrome Park-and-Ride land, where the STO is only a tenant. The incentive parking lot will not be closed before the fall of 2016, but its closure is inevitable in the short term. The STO is therefore working to improve its neighbourhood service for September to encourage riders to take the bus closer to home whenever possible.

However, all routes will continue to serve the Hippodrome stop, in particular to provide service for residents in the Connaught neighbourhood and to enable transfers from routes 45 and 47 to routes 49, 50, 58 and 800.

6. What changes are proposed for the Allumettières Park-and-Ride?

During peak periods, the Allumettières Park-and-Ride will be served by route 59 with the same frequency as the Rivermead Park-and-Ride, in addition to routes 41, 44 and 46 as is currently the case.

During off-peak periods the park-and-ride will be served every 15 minutes by a combination of routes 55 and 59, in addition to the local route, meaning that it will be easily accessible at all times.

7. Where will riders transfer?

Riders on routes 40, 41, 44 and 46 who must transfer to routes 49, 50, 58 or 800 will be able to do so at Galeries Aylmer (stop on Principale, across from the future SAQ).

Riders on routes 45 and 47 will be able to transfer at the stop at the Hippodrome Park-and-Ride, which has a pedestrian crossing.

Transfers will no longer be possible at the Rivermead Park-and-Ride with routes 40, 41, 44, 45, 46 and 47.

8. What changes are proposed for service to Cégep Gabrielle-Roy?

Routes 49 and 50 will start at Galeries Aylmer. Route 49 will serve Plateau (via Atmosphère and Grives), while route 50, offered during peak periods, will run along Vanier, Pink and Saint-Raymond before turning left on Cité-des-Jeunes. These more direct routes will save 5 minutes for route 49 and 3 minutes for route 50.

See the route 49 map (PDF)

See the route 50 map (PDF)

9. What impact will the proposed changes have on service to the Hull Hospital?

To maintain a link at all times between the Aylmer sector and the Hull Hospital, route 49 will still do a loop around the hospital.

However, during peak periods, route 50 will be modified to offer a shorter, more direct link for students: from Saint-Raymond, buses will turn left right away on Cité-des-Jeunes.

See the route 49 map (PDF)

See the route 50 map (PDF)

10. What impact will the proposed changes have on the Plateau area?

Route 49 will be changed. This route will no longer turn onto Amérique-Française but will continue along Plateau, turn left on Atmosphère and then right on Grives before returning to Plateau.

Riders who boarded on Amérique-Française, Conservatoire and Europe will be able to go to Plateau to take route 49, or to Pink to take route 50.

Off-peak service in the Plateau area will be analysed for a review in 2017.

11. Are improvements in the Aylmer sector made at the expense of service in other sectors?

Not at all. However, some changes also affect Hull and Gatineau sectors. In particular:

  • Route 800 will be offered from Monday to Friday in both directions via the Pont Noir bridge, and its frequency will be moved up to 30 minutes in peak periods (see question 12).
  • Route 57 will be discontinued. Consequently, more trips will be offered on routes 67 and 85.
  • Besides, the Plateau area is affected by certain changes to routes 49 and 50 (see question 10).

12. What changes are proposed for routes 800, 810 and 57?

Route 800 will be extended to Galeries Aylmer and offered from Monday to Friday. Its frequency will be moved up to 30 minutes during peak periods. It will follow the same route at all times along the Pont Noir bridge, even when heading to the Gatineau sector in the morning and Aylmer in the afternoon. Consequently, route 810 will no longer exist.

Route 800 will be offered between the Rivermead Park-and-Ride and Labrosse station in both directions via the Pont Noir bridge and every 30 minutes during peak periods starting in summer 2016.

In the fall, route 57 will be discontinued. On weekends, trips to the Gatineau sector will be possible by transferring to route 400 at Terrasses de la Chaudière.

13. What is route 55?

Alternating with route 59, route 55 will provide frequent service between Ottawa and Galeries Aylmer. It will take Wilfrid-Lavigne, Allumettières, and then Broad, Bagot, Cormier and Front before going to the Allumettières Park-and-Ride via Eardley.

Route 55 will be offered in off-peak periods as well in the opposite direction of peak service (towards Aylmer in the morning and towards Ottawa in the afternoon).

See the route 55 map (PDF)

14. How will the local route work?

The local route will be offered at all times, in both directions, every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday and every 60 minutes on Sundays. It will make a figure 8 loop around Galeries Aylmer.

From the Galeries, in one direction it will serve the north side of Allumettières (identical to route 40) to the Allumettières Park-and-Ride before going through the Cèdres neighbourhood (same as route 41). It will then take Principale and Aylmer before going down Vanier and Lucerne to the west (same as route 45), and running along Lake and Wychwood to Galeries Aylmer.

By boarding this route in either direction, riders will have quick access to routes 55, 59, 49 or 800, as well as easier local trips in Aylmer.

See the local route map (indicated in red) (PDF)

15. Will the Glenwood neighbourhood still have service in off-peak periods?

In the current proposal, the service now being offered by route 51 along Fraser, Glenwood, Belmont, Elizabeth and Bordeaux will be discontinued. Riders will be able to walk to Principale or Aylmer Road to benefit from the frequent service offered by routes 59 and 55, or catch the local route on Lucerne in the south.

16. Why not take Allumettières right to downtown?

Because of the growing traffic congestion along this axis and the absence of reserved lanes, using Allumettières would not save any time compared with current routes that run along Aylmer Road and Alexandre-Taché. Furthermore, given the low number of residences within walking distance of Allumettières, it would not be possible to offer a convenient frequency on a route running along this boulevard.

17. Why not have express routes with closed doors or limited stops for the Aylmer sector?

Because of the absence of bus turnouts at the stops along Alexandre-Taché, buses must stop in the reserved lane to allow passengers to get on and off. As a result, buses on express routes or with limited stops would still be obliged to stop behind the local buses, since passing them would be impossible or dangerous.

18. Are the proposed changes final?

No. During April, the proposed system will be reviewed and adjusted based on the comments received from riders and the public. The reviewed offer of service will be proposed to the STO's Board of Directors for adoption on April 28, 2016.

19. When will the changes take effect?

The offer of service adopted by the Board of Directors will take effect on August 29, 2016.

The only exception concerns some of the changes to route 800, which will take effect on June 20, 2016. In fact, starting on this date, route 800 will travel in both directions between the Rivermead Park-and-Ride and Labrosse station via the Pont Noir bridge, and its frequency will be increased to 30 minutes during peak periods.


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