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Strategic Plan for the Société de transport de l'Outaouais

Summary of the 2017-2026 Strategic Plan

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2017-2026 Strategic Plan

The 2017–2026 strategic plan, which focuses on “The Future Today”, demonstrates the Société de transport de l'Outaouais' desire to put customer satisfaction and expectations at the centre of its priorities. Inspired by best practices in public transit here and elsewhere, this strategic plan defines the main directions that will enable the STO to position itself as a key player in community development. The discussions that led to the main strategic goals in this plan brought riders, partners, citizens and employees together around a shared objective: to build sustainable mobility today for the community of tomorrow.

In this respect, not only does this plan set out the future of public transit in the Gatineau area, it also establishes the foundations for contributing to sustainable urban development that promotes a dynamic, appealing community, supports economic health, and improves air quality and ultimately the quality of life for everyone in Gatineau. This means attracting and ensuring the loyalty of riders by giving them an efficient, effective travel experience that meets their needs and expectations. This also means staying abreast of the trends in order to develop efficient services today that are also designed for tomorrow. By proposing innovative travel solutions and by thinking as far ahead as possible to consider the major land development projects in the area, the STO will be able to guide Gatineau towards sustainable mobility and help improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Consequently, the 2017–2026 strategic plan is inviting all stakeholders who are directly or indirectly concerned by mobility to opt for responsible transportation solutions now. The choices we make today will shape the future, and these choices are part of a social project that reaches far beyond the simple question of transit.

They are the future that we will have together.

The mission of the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) is to ensure the mobility of people within the City of Gatineau area by offering them efficient sustainable public transit solutions that allow them to travel to where they live, work, study and play.

The future today: 2017-2026
Supported by a privileged relationship with its riders, committed partners and a dedicated team, in 2026, the STO will be the recognized leader in sustainable mobility for people living in Gatineau. It will offer the preferred solution in response to regional travel needs thanks to its simplicity, efficiency, innovative approach and alignment with complementary modes, as well as its positive economic, social and environmental impacts in Gatineau.

Achieving this vision relies on the integrated planning of public transit systems and the related services offered, based on a metropolitan perspective that encompasses all the surrounding communities, including Ottawa.


Client approach
At the STO, we are committed to maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction by focusing on a culture of performance and by providing quality services and products that address our riders' needs.

At the STO, our relations, actions and decisions are guided by a code of ethics that emphasizes honesty, discretion, transparency, justice and fairness, among other things.

At the STO, we show respect and consideration towards others, resources and the environment.

At the STO, we act responsibly and professionally by respecting our commitments and the resources entrusted to us, while also fully assuming the consequences of our decisions or actions.

Team well-being
At the STO, we contribute to fostering a harmonious, positive work environment by being aware that everyone's well-being is a key condition for our organization's success.

Major goals of the 2017-2026 strategic plan

Over the past few years, many trends have helped to redefine riders' needs and expectations regarding public transit. They include things such as new technologies, intermodality or population aging. In addition to these trends, there is Gatineau's strategic planning vision and the realities of the available funding, all factors that influence the STO's decisions. Because the STO listens to its clientele, it would like to capitalize on its strengths to reach the goals it has set for itself over the next 10 years.

In addition, all the STO's actions and decisions are inspired by the principles of sustainable development and universal accessibility. Added to these are the principles of organizational performance, a key condition for success aimed at acquiring the necessary tools and methods in-house that are required to fulfil its mission and reach the objectives.

Goal 1

Put the customer at the centre of our decisions and actions

The STO is committed to customer satisfaction. In this respect, it would like every decision or action to be taken keeping the needs of its clientele in mind. To reach this goal, the strategies implemented by the STO will focus on:

Improving the travel experience and comfort for everyone

  • Increase customer satisfaction related to punctuality, travel time, bus frequency and driver courtesy.
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of regular and paratransit system riders, both in our infrastructures and our vehicles.
  • Make our public transit system more universally accessible.

Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency every day

  • Ensure efficiency for the benefit of riders;
  • Reinforce the culture to optimize resources.

Mobilizing employees in support of customer satisfaction

  • Ensure significant involvement and commitment by employees providing customer services.   

Developing flexible, scalable solutions and information mechanisms

  • Offer information solutions that meet rider expectations and needs.
  • Ensure effective two-way communication.

Goal 2

Play an active role in land-use planning and development for the benefit of an efficient  and accessible public transit system

Land-use planning is directly linked to the performance of public transit. The STO therefore wants to play an active role in land-use planning and development with its partners and would like to adapt its transportation services to the specific characteristics of the different sectors in Gatineau. To achieve this, the STO's strategies will focus on:

Ensuring the continued effectiveness and efficiency of public transit throughout the area

  • Introduce preferential measures where buses are slowed down by traffic congestion.
  • Work with the City of Gatineau in the planning of new property developments.

Integrating multimodal solutions to complement the current service

  • Diversify the types of vehicles and services in the less dense sectors.
  • Pursue the development of multimodal solutions (park-and-ride, cycling, carpooling, etc.).

Having a proactive, strategic attitude with our partners

  • Be proactive on appropriate, decision-making and strategic committees.

Goal 3

Assume our leadership in public transit by contributing to the sustainable development of the Gatineau community and to the image of the Outaouais

The STO would like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the area and contribute to improving the quality of life and health in Gatineau now and in future years. To achieve this, the STO has set the following three priority strategies:

Contribute to making our city greener

  • Offer an alternative choice to solo car use.
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying vehicles and adapting the types of vehicles as needed.
  • Reduce our production and management of waste matter.
  • Acquire a responsible procurement process.

As a truly committed partner, collaborate in economic and community development

  • Enhance our involvement in social initiatives and our support for major events in the region.

Aspire to become a source of motivation and inspiration regarding sustainable development for the community

  • Undertake and make local sustainable development initiatives known.
  • Ensure the social acceptability of our major projects.

Main performance indicators

  • A customer satisfaction.
  • Annual increase in ridership.
  • Costs per kilometer.
  • Employee engagement.

Implementation and monitoring

Action plan
Implementation of the strategic plan is based on a sound action plan from senior management. Updated annually, this three-year plan sets out the main directions for all the departments in the organization, which then break them down into individual objectives. Comprised of major projects as well as a number of smaller and medium-sized projects, along with ongoing activities, these plans act as a lever for the performance indicators. The master plans will be developed in 2018 and incorporated into the appendices of the strategic plan.

Each service is responsible for documenting the impacts of its actions on the performance indicators (accountability) and regularly reporting them to the management committee. The management committee informs the Board of Directors which can then set new directions, if necessary.

Strategic watch
A strategic watch based on industry best practices is conducted regularly to advance discussions about the projects to be developed and implemented. The STO will also ensure that it clearly understands what its partners expect from the STO so that it can suggest the appropriate actions.

Firmly committed to building mobility for the future, the STO intends to do all it can to persuade Gatineau residents to use its services. To achieve this, it plans to propose services that meet their expectations, to inform them efficiently and, thanks to motivated and engaged employees, to deliver a client experience that contributes to their satisfaction. It will do this by providing them with the appropriate tools to engage them to reach shared objectives.

Communication and engagement
The STO relies on the quality of its communications with employees to get them involved and engaged, and to recognize their essential contribution in attaining the results of the 2017-2026 strategic plan. Quality communications means that they are:

  • Targeted, regular or delivered at the right time;
  • In line with the business plan (relevant, interesting and related to employees' work);
  • More interactive;
  • Motivating, by promoting achievements;
  • Honest, transparent and sincere.

Vision for internal and external communications
Aspiring to be recognized as a leader in sustainable mobility, the STO is committed to maintaining clear, regular and dynamic communications with its clientele, partners and employees by demonstrating transparency and by creating an environment that supports discussion and the flow of information.

Partners, riders, citizens
The relationship with partners, riders and citizens is critical. The STO therefore intends to nurture it so as to always offer a service that matches their expectations and needs.

The 2017-2026 strategic plan for the Société de transport de l'Outaouais was adopted by the City of Gatineau's municipal council at the session on June 13, 2017.


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