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Tramway Gatineau-Ottawa

Completion of the complementary study – Optimal technology and circuit

Further to the public announcement unveiling the (all-tram) mode and optimal circuit recommended in the complementary study, the project office team will shortly begin the detailed analyses required for the pre-project phase, including the preliminary design, the Environmental Impact Study (EIS), the calls for proposals and some of the technical services preparatory work.

The Environmental Impact Study is part of an accelerated environmental impact assessment and review procedure. This study, which is expected to be carried out in winter 2023, will include an extensive public consultation component (by sector) involving participation by residents' associations, business and institutional organizations, and other stakeholders located along the proposed circuit. The purpose of these consultations is to identify the needs and issues in the different neighbourhoods, and to then propose pertinent mitigation measures. It should be noted that the dates for those sector-specific meetings are subject to change, depending on where things stand with project funding.

In the meantime, there will be ongoing communication among the different stakeholders in the Gatineau-Ottawa area , aimed at informing residents about the project and some of the elements that will be highlighted during the pre-project phase.

See the following high-level diagram of the different pre-project phases/milestones.

Series of public information meetings on “A TRAM IN MY TOWN”

In 2021, the project office team held three public information meetings as part of a series entitled “A TRAM IN MY TOWN”. The purpose of those virtual public information meetings was to inform the public about the different aspects of the tram project, with input from subject-matter experts and guest panelists.

The recorded versions of those meetings and the presentations, along with frequently asked questions, are available at the following links.

Why a tram?
Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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The impact of a dedicated public transit system on the urban landscape
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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The impact of the tram on other transportation modes
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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The vision

The implementation of a tramway aims to improve the long-term mobility needs between Gatineau's west end and both Gatineau and Ottawa's downtowns. It will improve the quality of life, contribute to economic and social development and promote sustainable mobility throughout the National Capital region.

Why a tram?

Partners involved

Given the geographic layout and the inter-provincial nature of the project, the study is being conducted in collaboration with the STO's partners: Quebec's ministère des Transports, the National Capital Commission, Ville de Gatineau and the City of Ottawa.

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This study is being financed by contributions from the federal government and provincial government under the financial assistance program of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).


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