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Choosing the right fares according to your needs

To learn more about travelling fares and payment options that suits your situation, let us know how often are you planning on taking the bus?

Saturdays and Sundays in July and August, your fare is only $2 per trip when you use your e-wallet on your Multi card.

Saturdays and Sundays in July and August, your fare is only $2 per trip when you use your E-wallet on your Multi card.

  • Paratransit customers can take advantage of the fare reduction even when they pay cash given that their vehicles don't have readers.
  • STO on demand customers have to mention or enter the promotional codes when they book their ride.

Reload or buy your E-wallet:

Reload it online right now (personalized Multi), or reload or buy one at: 



                        On average, MORE than 28 monthly trips                                   On average, LESS than 28 monthly trips                                                                          (or 14 round trips)                                                                        (or 14 round trips)

Temporary free access to public transit for Ukrainians

In order to facilitate and accelerate the integration of Ukrainians who arrive in Gatineau with a Canada-Ukraine emergency travel authorization, in partnership with the City of Gatineau and Accueil Parrainage Outaouais, we promptly admit them to the ECHO social fare program and provide them with a transit pass for a transition period estimated at 1 month. To take advantage of this transitional measure, Ukrainians must go through Accueil Parrainage Outaouais, which will do the necessary follow-ups with the STO.

Please note that this transitional measure can also apply to all other people who arrive in Gatineau with an emergency travel authorization and who are duly recognized by Accueil Parrainage Outaouais.


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