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To make sure that you and other passengers are safe:

  • When several people are waiting at a bus stop, form a line to avoid any incidents;
  • Don't run to “catch” your bus. Wait for the next trip;
  • When getting on the bus and during the trip, if you must stand, hold the rail or grab bars;
  • If you feel ill or are in an uncomfortable situation, let the other passengers or the bus driver know;
  • Never cross in front of the bus and use the pedestrian crosswalks.

The Rapibus corridor is exclusively reserved for buses only

We would like to remind you that the Rapibus corridor is bus-only roadway, all other use is prohibited. When you don't obey the signs, Gatineau police can issue a $100 fine plus administrative fees. The purpose is to reinforce the safety of you and our team by enforcing the by-laws and highway safety code.

We remind you:

  • use the sidewalks, the bicycle path along the corridor, or the streets going to your station. Never walk in the corridor.
  • use the pedestrian crossings to cross the corridor. If there is a pedestrian light, wait for the signal and check that you can cross safely.
  • at intersections, obey the traffic lights and check that you can cross safely.
  • at De la Cité station, use the pedestrian walkway to cross the Rapibus lanes safely away from the buses.

At stations

Various measures have been introduced to maximize your safety along the corridor and at the Rapibus stations.

  • Surveillance cameras have been installed at all stations.
  • Adequate lighting has been installed at all Rapibus stations and park-and-ride facilities.
  • At the stations, use the emergency intercoms connected to the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) control centre if you encounter any problems and need immediate assistance.
  • At the Labrosse and De la Gappe park-and-ride facilities, look for the emergency telephones  if you need assistance.

Courtesy stop

• If, for safety or mobility reasons, you wish to get off at a more lighted place or closer to your destination, ask the driver; 
• In Quebec territory only, the courtesy stop is possible between two bus stops*;
• The driver will stop at the safest place.
• Exit through the front door.

*Note that no courtesy stop is allowed on the Rapibus corridor other than at the station.

Crime Stoppers

Did you see someone vandalize a bus, bus shelter or STO property?

Contact Crime Stoppers at 613 233-8477. Your statement will remain completely confidential and no identification is required.

It is also important to notify the STO so that the damage can be repaired.

Vandalism destroys public property and is not a trivial matter. Vandalism is a crime. It is therefore important to be alert for it. The public transit system belongs to all citizens. Let's be aware and work together to keep it clean and safe!


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