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08-27-2020 -

West End Study:Findings from the Public Consultation on the Integration Options for Ottawa

The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) today released the findings of the public consultation conducted between June 22 and July 19, which gave Gatineau and Ottawa residents the chance to comment on the...

07-10-2020 -

Restoration of the pont Noir piers

The pont Noir's three piers, typical of the stone structures of the period when it was built, will undergo some spectacular work over the next few months. The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) is...

06-22-2020 -

Connecting public transit between Gatineau and Ottawa - Consultations on options for a future tram linking Gatineau's west end and the downtowns of both cities now open

The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO), in partnership with the City of Ottawa, will start public consultations today on the options to link Gatineau's future rapid transit system to Ottawa's transit...

01-30-2020 -

Projet structurant dans l'ouest : L'étude confirme le besoin d'un tramway

The Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) has presented an update on the additional study for a structuring public transit system in Gatineau's west end.

01-31-2019 -

Real-time Bus Schedules at Your Fingertips

Starting today, the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) is making bus stop times available in real time through a partnership with the Transit app.

09-27-2018 -

Mobilisation et entraide à la STO

October 2nd & 3rd, all cash payments and donations deposited in the fare box will be given to the Red Cross to help those affected by the tornado.


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