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Advertise with the STO

Are you looking for an original way to advertise your business in the Outaouais? Then drive your message home with the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO). Offering a unique, efficient approach that will meet your advertising needs, this wide ranging means of communication enables you to reach a large clientele from one end of Gatineau to the other, passing though  Ottawa on the way.

With more than 300 buses (interior and exterior signage) and 80 advertising panels on bus shelters, advertising with the STO is an intelligent choice.

Advertising with the STO is to your advantage all the way!

  • Offers several types of advertising to meet your needs: bus boards, interior advertising, bus wraps and bus shelters;
  • Allows you to target specific markets in the Outaouais; 
  • Enables you to choose strategic locations to reach your clientele;
  • Shows your environmental awareness and support for sustainable transportation;
  • Reinforces your company's reputation;
  • Reaches a wide audience at a competitive cost-per-thousand (CPM); 
  • Ensures your advertising is always circulating because the buses are on the move seven days a week;
  • Provides daily access to motorists, pedestrians and public transit riders;
  • Reaches a large number of people during peak hours as most buses converge in the downtown areas;
  • Gives your advertising great visibility in residential neighbourhoods.


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