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Senior Fares (Age 65 and Over)

Frequent travel

Fares on a Multi card

If you plan to travel frequently on the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) system, get the Multi card to take advantage of the passes that can be loaded on it.

Because paratransit vehicles are not equipped with readers, it is not possible to use the e-wallet on the Multi card. Consequently, the cash fare for paratransit is the same as the fare paid using the e-wallet on the STO's regular system.



 Where to get it

Annual pass

12 pre-authorized monthly payments


Service points 

Monthly pass


Service points


Recharging sites

Passes are not refundable after their start date.

Occasional travel

Other fares and payment methods

If you only use the paratransit service occasionally, the options below are the best ways to pay your fare when boarding the vehicle.

Fare Payment


Where to get it


STO ID card is mandatory


STO ID card available at any STO service points


For more information about these payment methods, please refer to the basic fares.

If you plan to take the bus more frequently, passes are a more advantageous option. 


The cash fare is the best option for occasional trips.

The exact fare is required, because bus drivers cannot give change. Also, they cannot issue receipts or accept tips. Pennies are not accepted.

Personalized Multi card is mandatory (STO ID card)

You must show your Multi to the driver when boarding the bus in order to benefit from the applicable reduced fare. If you do not show your card, the driver has the right to ask you to pay the difference between the reduced fare and the basic fare, which is $1.00.


The Multi is a smart card that is:

  • Personalized and not transferable because your name, rider category and photo appear on it. You are therefore the only person who can use your card;
  • Loaded with an STO pass giving you access to the routes in our system;
  • Used as an ID card because it confirms your right to pay the reduced Senior cash fare.

Conditions for obtaining a Multi

You can get your Multi card only at one of the service points.

The following supporting documents are required to obtain a card:

  • ID Card with photo.
  • Proof of age over 65 years.

Quebec health insurance card (issued by the RAMQ) or Quebec driver's licence (issued by the SAAQ) are accepted.

Recharging the card

Once the Multi card has been issued, it can be recharged at any time at one of the service points, one of the recharging sites or on line in My Profile.

Lost, damaged, stolen or defective card

  • If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, go to one of the service points to get a new Multi card and its contents for a fee of $10 (non-taxable).
  • If your Multi card is defective, it will be replaced at no charge.

Programme FIDÉLITÉ

Save 10% on the price of a monthly pass with the FIDÉLITÉ Program. This annual pass purchased by pre-authorized monthly debit payments is practical because it allows you to travel on the system without worrying about renewing your pass.

Click here to discover the advantages of the FIDÉLITÉ Program and to enrol!

Monthly pass

Unlimited travel for the entire month!

The monthly pass is loaded on the Multi. It gives you unlimited travel for the entire month (from the first to the last day of the month). It is ideal if you use the paratransit service several times a month.

You wish to get a monthly pass for the first time?

Check the conditions for obtaining a Multi before you go to one of the 3 service points or the issuing centre to get a Multi on which your pass will be loaded.  

You already have a Multi?

You can recharge the card at any time at one of the 3 service points, the issuing centre, one of the recharging sites or on line in My Profile. You can even recharge your pass for several months. Avoid the line-ups and recharge your card before the end of the month.

Passes are not refundable after their start date.


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