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A New Visual Identity to Discover

The Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) is proud to unveil its new visual identity.

The arrival of the Rapibus presents a unique opportunity to modernize our image. Many elements need to be added or replaced to accommodate the Rapibus, making this an opportune and appropriate time to do so in a financially responsible manner by making the changes gradually.

We also want to harmonize the image of the Rapibus and the STO to highlight public transit in a modern way.

New evocative logo

STO Logo

  • Simple, signifying what public transit aspires to be;
  • Easily recognizable, both from afar and while moving;
  • Made of two united parts, with distinct colours, in the shape of arrows to evoke:
    • the road taken and the road ahead;
    • continuous movement;
    • the need to move forward together and to serve multiple destinations and needs.

Two parts representing:

  • The desired closeness with our different clienteles;
  • The connection between public transit and active transportation.

A line in between two arrows:

  • To represent the STO as a link between citizens and their city;
  • To signify our crossborder situation;
  • On a slant, it shows our flexibility and openness.

Two colours:

  • To recall the link with our city, Gatineau, and our living environment close to rivers and forests;
  • To acknowledge the importance that we give to our environment;
  • With green being a symbol of hope, trust and an ever better future.

New visual universe

Visual universe (a set of arrows)

A set of arrows in a palette of soft colours evoking:

  • The diversity in needs to fill;
  • Our multiple clienteles;
  • The endeavour to complement other modes of transportation;
  • Our contribution to the level of health, the quality of life, the economy, education, the environment.

Regardless of their use, the arrows will always have a meaning and will be recognized as an expression of the STO brand.

New signature

STO logo with signature L'avenir en commun - A future together
  • Presents the STO as a key player in community development, with a focus on improving our quality of life;
  • Has a unified look for the city while allowing the communities to cultivate their differences;
  • Shows our ability to offer an innovative system, our awareness of the daily needs of our riders, and our endeavours to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

The future together:

  • Because we have a duty to always make public transit an easy choice;
  • To recall the need for involvement and discussion at all government levels;
  • As a invitation to foster public transit in order to create a more integrated, responsible and human community.

The future together:

  • Because those who take public transit today contribute to a better future for everyone;
  • Because those who invest and contribute today to make public transit more appealing are part of a better future for everyone;
  • Because those who choose to leave their vehicles at home in favour of public transit and active transportation are the builders of a better society.

Public transit. A city together. A project together. A vision together. A commitment together. Innovating together.

Visual- L'avenir en commun - A future together


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