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Rapibus Corridor Intersections

The Rapibus corridor is exclusively reserved for buses only

We would like to remind you that the Rapibus corridor is bus-only roadway, all other use is prohibited. When you don't obey the signs, Gatineau police can issue a $100 fine plus administrative fees. The purpose is to reinforce the safety of you and our team by enforcing the by-laws and highway safety code.

We remind you:

  • use the sidewalks, the bicycle path along the corridor, or the streets going to your station. Never walk in the corridor.
  • use the pedestrian crossings to cross the corridor. If there is a pedestrian light, wait for the signal and check that you can cross safely.
  • at intersections, obey the traffic lights and check that you can cross safely.
  • at De la Cité station, use the pedestrian walkway to cross the Rapibus lanes safely away from the buses.

Rapibus corridor intersections

Gatineau sector

  • Maloney and Montée Paiement
  • Maloney and Cité
  • Maloney and Hôpital
  • Maloney and Bellehumeur
  • Maloney and Alliance
  • Maloney and Gréber

Hull sector

  • Carrière and Atawe
  • Carrière and Casino
  • Montcalm and access to the Fonderie building

Stop line

Upon approaching a Rapibus corridor intersection, when the traffic lights turn yellow or red, you must stop at the stop line that is clearly visible on the pavement beside the traffic lights. By stopping your vehicle at the stop line, you will be in the correct position to see the traffic lights intended directly for you. In addition, when a vehicle is stopped in this area, sensors activate the lights when there is no traffic.

Rapibus intersection image

Traffic lights

You will notice that there are two sets of traffic lights at a corridor intersection. The first set is beside the stop line (mentioned above), and this is where you must stop. The second set is on the other side of the Rapibus corridor and intersection to cross.

The second set of traffic lights on the other side of the intersection has visors and can be seen only by vehicles that have passed the stop line for the first set of lights. The green cycle for this set is a few seconds longer to allow the vehicles to clear the corridor when the first lights turn yellow or red.

No right turn on red

No right turn on red sign

Obey all traffic signals intended for you.

A right turn on red is strictly prohibited at corridor intersections (regardless of whether the signal is a circle or an arrow). Only when the green arrow for a right turn is displayed are you permitted to turn right.

Crosshatched area

Crosshatched area sign

To ensure everyone's safety, white crosshatching on the pavement marks the area within the intersection where vehicles are not permitted to stop. The buses travel within this area.

Vehicles are prohibited at all times from stopping in this area.

Use the correct lane

Use the correct lane sign

This traffic sign, created especially for the Rapibus, tells you the direction of the traffic lanes at the intersection.

Warning: No entry!

No entry sign

This traffic sign tells you that it is strictly prohibited to drive your vehicle in this area.

Only buses may drive in the Rapibus corridor.

Other safety advice for motorists

  • Never assume that the lane is free. Be alert and cross the intersection only when the light is green.
  • Signal your intent to turn in advance and check your blind spots before starting to turn.
  • Be aware of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Obey all traffic signals intended for motorists.


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