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Plani-Bus is an on-line trip planner. It enables you to get complete, personalized itineraries to suit your preferences.

Also check and print the bus timetables. This tool generates up-to-date information whenever you do a search, making it reliable, rapid and easy to use.

Mobile information tools

We offer a range of information tools available directly on your mobile device. Fast and easy to check, these tools ensure you always have the latest information, especially when you are on the go. Learn more about them.

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And much more

  • Submit a comment about our services.
  • Print your receipts for the income tax credit.
  • Submit a paratransit reservation request. (You must first qualify for the paratransit service).
  • Access your information and make it easier to contact us.
  • Enter exclusive contests and promotions.

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Infobus service

This service gives the time that the next 2 buses will be passing for all the bus routes serving a stop. It is available by text messaging and by telephone.

2 ways to access the service

Infobus by text message
Just text your bus stop number to 819778


  • Trips marked with an asterisk (*) indicate the last trip of the day.
  • Add STO (# 819778) to your contacts to simplify your Infobus requests.

Standard message rates may apply.


Infobus by telephone
Call the single access number 819 778-5555 and follow the voice prompts to enter your bus stop number.

The bus stop numbers appear in Plani-Bus and on all bus stops signs.

                   Texte message:                                  

New bus stop signs

Note that this stop is only an example to show all the possible types of information.

Bus Stop Sign

Illustration of a bus stop sign

Infobus service
accessible by text messaging, on the STO's mobile site or by telephone to get the time that the next 2 buses will be passing for all the bus routes serving a stop.

Text at 819 778 the 4 digits of your bus stop number (located at the top on the bus stop sign)

Bus route number.

Bus routes shown in purple are peak period routes. They are in service from Monday to Friday during peak hours and travel in the direction of traffic flow.

Bus routes shown in black are regular routes. They are in service from Monday to Sunday throughout the day, unless specified otherwise (see F.)

Message for the adjacent bus route only.

Icon showing the accessibility of the adjacent bus route.

Icon showing the destination of the adjacent bus route. This type of destination is specific to neighbourhood routes that end at a Rapibus station or Park-and-ride.

Icon showing that the stop is accessible for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

Area reserved for information specific to this bus stop.

Learn more about these types of bus routes.

Transit map

The transit map gives an overview of all the bus routes and their transfer points. It is displayed in some Rapibus stations and in many bus shelters in the system.

Where to get it

Download a PDF version from the Web site 

Information tools at Rapibus stations

Information wall

There is also the Portes de quartier: Un nom, un lieu, une identité display. A concept on panels that highlights the history and heritage of each neighbourhood around a station.

Variable message sign (VMS)

A VMS displays the real time that the next buses will be passing, along with general messages. They are located on the Rapibus corridor platforms and inside De la Cité station (TV screens).

Bus stop sign at Rapibus platforms

These signs show the boarding locations for the different bus routes using the Rapibus corridor.

Bus stop sign at local platforms

These signs show the boarding location for the different neighbourhood buses using the local platforms at the Rapibus stations.

Learn more about the Rapibus.

Customer Relations

Contact Customer Relations at 819 770-3242. Our staff is available to help you.

Paratransit Service User's Guide

This guide is an essential aide for anyone using paratransit because it groups all the information about this service in one place.

Where to get it

Wi-Fi zone

Wi-Fi access is an additional attraction to encourage public transit use because it allows riders to be entertained, get information or even work during their trip. This is an added value for anyone choosing to take the bus by making their travel experience better.

See the terms and conditions of use for this service.


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