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Combine Your Modes of Transportation, and Travel Differently!

Taking the bus means getting the better of traffic congestion thanks to the Rapibus corridor and reserved lanes, saving on commuting costs, travelling without hassle and, last but not least, helping the environment!

To help you to “combine modes”, we are suggesting a few options. And why not mix things up depending on your schedule or the weather conditions for the day?

Walk + bus

Whether you are going to your bus stop or have decided to get off the bus a stop early to get some fresh air, walking is a relaxing mode of travel to get to a destination while also staying fit. Add walking to your good habits.

See how you can share the road with other users.

Bike + bus

Always keep your E-wallet loaded on your Multi card close by.  

Check the Bicycle Paths and Bicycle Racks page to find out more about the bicycle path along the Rapibus corridor, the location of bicycle racks, and the features and security measures for cyclists.

Do you have to share the road with motorists and buses? See how to cycle safely.

Car + bus

Communauto + STO

Communauto provides all of the advantages of a car without any of the hassle. It also provides an interesting alternative to buying a car! Discover the benefits of carsharing with communauto.

  • 35 stations around Gatineau
  • 46 vehicules
  • Your Multi pass unlocks the door
  • Exclusive offers for STO customers

Communauto and STO's offers

  1. By joining the STO's FIDÉLITÉ Program, you save 10% on the regular price of bus passes, and you can also access the fleet of cars provided by Communauto at a special rate.
  2. Get a $40 discount (on Liberté Plus and Économique, Économique Plus and Économique Extra enrolments). Enter your Multi pass number and the promo code STO, when you register.

    Register for Communauto

See the map of the Communauto stations in Gatineau


Labrosse, De la Cité and De la Gappe stations have a kiss-and-ride area to allow friends, spouses or family members to stop the car for a few minutes to drop you off. Specific signs identify this location.


Symbole du Parc-o-bus


Park-and-ride facilities are free parking lots reserved for STO patrons to encourage them to park their vehicles temporarily and continue their travel by bus.

There are near 20 park-and-ride facilities spread out across the STO's system at strategic locations where our buses operate. Some of the free parking lots have bicycle racks, and all of them have the regulatory number of parking spots reserved for persons with a disability.

Take advantage of the park-and-ride to:

  •  Save on the cost of gas and vehicle wear and tear;
  • Avoid the inconvenience of traffic congestion, and the need to look for a parking space or to pay for parking;
  • Help protect the environment by limiting the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by your vehicle.

To know which bus routes are close to Park-and-Ride facilities, check Plani-Bus.

Would you like to know more?

The Equiterre awareness campaign on sustainable transportation suggests a variety of solutions to replace driving alone in a car.

Measure your environmental footprint by visiting the Equiterre Web site.


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