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Several options were studied for the location of surface tram stations on Wellington, but were not retained. 

1. In front of the Parliament (between O'Connor Street and Elgin Street)

Positioning a station on Wellington Street poses various challenges, including challenges to the security of surrounding sensitive buildings, the visual integration in a place with high heritage value or and high volumes of tourists. The area directly in front of the Parliament also presents transit service disruption risks due to demonstrations and other special events.

2. Near the canal \ Château Laurier

Wellington Street is sloping in this area. Although this does not create an obstacle for running a tram, it presents challenges for installing a station. In order for the station to be universally accessible, the station platform cannot be on a slope and elements such as retaining walls need to be put in place, which would have a significant impact on the urban fabric and visual aesthetics of Ottawa's downtown.

3. Around Mackenzie Street

Space is limited on this street: a station would have major impacts on traffic (especially at the Wellington-Mackenzie intersection), and on Major's Hill Park. 

4. Rideau Street (between Elgin Street and Dalhousie Street)

The tram would have to cross through both the Wellington-Mackenzie and the Wellington-Sussex intersections to reach a station on Rideau Street. This would have a significant impact on traffic. Also, Rideau Street is  being renewed to become a complete street with  active transportation and streetscaping. There isn't sufficient space for the integration of a tram.


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