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Wellington Without Traffic Scenario

The following provides a brief description of the main elements of this scenario to integrate a tram along Wellington Street:

  • The tram would operate on the north side of the street;
  • Vehicular traffic would be maintained along Wellington Street west of Bank Street, but reduced to one lane in each direction;
  • Vehicular t would be eliminated between Bank Street and Elgin Street;
  • Two eastbound right turn lanes from Wellington Street to Lyon Street would be maintained;
  • All left turn lanes west of Bank Street would be eliminated, and at some intersections, the left turns would not be permitted;
  • Vehicular accesses to the Parliament complex (there are currently 8 access points) will be affected and all may not be maintained;
  • There will be traffic impact on other downtown streets;
  • Widened pedestrian sidewalks would be provided on both sides of the street;
  • A pedestrian passage under Wellington at Lyon is considered due to the expected high volume of pedestrian crossings at this location;
  • A planned two-way cycling facility would be continuous along Wellington Street;
  • Existing mature trees should be able to be preserved;
  • An additional property would be necessary west of Bank Street.

The following plan shows the tram integration for this scenario:

Legend: the tram line is in red, the stations in yellow, and the cycle path in blue.

Note: this plan is presented for information only, the various aspects related to integration (impacts on the existing surroundings, intersections affected by the corridor, functional and security contraints, etc.) will be refined during upcoming steps.


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