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New on Transit
Real time information on space availability on buses

Decide which bus to get on depending on the number of people on board!

A new feature has been added to the Transit app. You can now check in real time how many people are on the next few buses running your route.

If you know that the next bus is full, but the following one still has room, you can choose to wait. 

How does it work?

In the Transit app, just click on the route to see where the buses are along it. The number of buses identified will naturally depend on how often they run along that route.

Each bus icon will have a message indicating its space availability. Availability is based on whether it is a standard or an articulated bus.  

  • Not crowded means that less than 50% of seats are occupied. 
  • Some crowding means that more than 50% of seats are occupied.
  • Crowded means that there is standing room only. 

You don't have the Transit app yet? Download it on your mobile with the AppStore or Google play.


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